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Blood On The Dance Floor - Kawaii Monster (lossless, 2017)

Electro-Pop  Emocore  Synthpop
Data: 22 novembre 2017
Aggiunti: StasOn11
Visualizzazioni: 994
  • ARTISTA: Blood On The Dance Floor
  • ALBUM / TITOLO: Kawaii Monster
  • ANNO USCITA / DATA: 2017
  • PAESE: United States
  • GENERE: Electro-Pop, Emo, Synthpop
  • ETICHETTA: Dark Fantasy Records
  • DURATA: 00:57:24
  • FORMATO FILE: FLAC, (tracks)
  • QUALITÀ Lossless

  • RATING: 10 / 4    
  • VOTA:



1 The Reunion
2 Resurrection Spell
3 Kawaii Monster
4 You Are Enough
5 Love Like Voodoo
6 Ghosting
7 The Coffee Song
8 Anti Social Media
9 Phone Home
10 Destroy
11 Yo Ho 2
12 Light My Way
13 Six Feet Under
14 The Departing

Источник (релизер): Dattura

A "scene" act known for mixing electro-pop, emo, hardcore-influenced screaming, and outlandish hair and fashion, Blood on the Dance Floor is primarily the project of Orlando, Florida's Dahvie Vanity. Inspired by Jeffree Star's flamboyant look and sound, Vanity -- who is also a Tigi-trained hairdresser and "Elite Hair God" -- started Blood on the Dance Floor in 2007 and self-released his first album, Let's Start a Riot, on New Year's Day 2008. While touring in support of the album, Vanity met Garrett Ecstasy, who joined Blood on the Dance Floor as the group's screamer; the pair began recording soon after meeting and the second BOTDF album, It's Hard to Be a Diamond in a Rhinestone World, arrived in September 2008. Vanity and Ecstasy continued to perform and record, releasing a trio of EPs -- I Scream I Scream, OMFG Sneak Peak!, and Extended Play -- in 2009. That September, Vanity was arrested after a Denver, Colorado concert when a young woman told police that he had raped her; he was released from jail after she refused to be tested.
Ecstasy left Blood on the Dance Floor while the pair was on tour in Oregon, and Vanity recruited rapper Matty M and new screamer Jayy von Monroe. After releasing a single, Horrifically Delicious, as a trio, the band became a duo again when von Monroe took over rapping duties. In 2010, Blood on the Dance Floor continued recording their third album and released a single from it each month, including Candyland. Epic arrived in October 2010, and after the album's release, the duo wasted no time getting back in the studio. In 2011, they released singles including My Gift & My Curse and Happy Violentines Day in advance of their fourth album, All the Rage, which appeared that June. The appropriately titled Bad Blood followed in 2013, with songs like "Crucified by Your Lies" attacking the band's critics. The Bitchcraft EP followed in 2014, featuring the single "WeTakinOver." ~ Heather Phares


Commenti (2)

30 novembre 2017

Citazione:  RedGladiator
Прикольно... Весьма интересно... Немецкая школа! (Хардкор-Дансе: Скутер, Блюмшен и т.д.) Спасибо!
Хотя и не мое...

Спасибо за "Спасибо"!

30 novembre 2017

Прикольно... Весьма интересно... Немецкая школа! (Хардкор-Дансе: Скутер, Блюмшен и т.д.) Спасибо!
Хотя и не мое...


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